Book of The Month

*note: I am in no way sponsored by Book of  the Month – this is a genuine recommendation*

Book of the Month Referral Link

I am a HUGE fan of Book of the Month and I fully credit them with getting me back into reading after a bit of a slump. Of all the book subscription boxes out there, not only do I find BOTM to be the best value, its focused entirely on books. (The knickknacks in the other boxes are cute but let’s be honest, I don’t need more stuff in my house)

If you’re the type of person who loves to read but isn’t quite sure how to find the right book for them – BOTM is the perfect solution. Even now, as an avid reader, I’m constantly finding some of my favorite reads through their program.

SO, how does it work?

Book of the Month is $15 per month – a great deal considering all their picks are brand new hardcover releases that retail for $26 in-store. Every month BOTM features 5 newly released books (sometimes you’ll even get an exclusive on books that don’t come out for another month or two) You’ll be able to read a quick blurb about each of these books as well as their full synopsis before choosing which you’d like to have sent to you. See more than one you like or can’t make up your mind? You can add up to two additional books to your order for only $10 each!  The best part – your two additional choices don’t have to be from that month’s pick! You’re free to search through their archives and choose previously featured books.  ( I’ve done this quite a few times when I want a good deal on a popular book they’ve previously featured)

If you’re not liking anything that month – that’s okay! You can apply your credit later towards next months picks.

Sound Good?

If this sounds like something you’d like – I’d love if you used my referral link, we’ll both get a free book! 🙂