The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead

I’m going to start off this post with being totally up front with all of you. I fell of the wagon HARD on this blog and have been totally MIA the past six months. Now, with the end of the year quickly approaching I’m trying to back post all my favorite reads of the past year – in the order I read them. Sorry for letting you all down! ( but mostly to Dana because she’s the only one who actually calls me out for being neglectful, I’m sorry for letting you down, Dana. Now be prepared for your TBR to get even longer 🙂 haha!)

So, now that I’m back – I wanted to start this off with The Nickel Boys, which really deserved to be reviewed back in August when I read it. My Instagram post at the time said

Okay guys. I finally finished The Nickel Boys and I have no words. It took me about a week before I got the guts to read the last 25 pages and I’m not going to lie, 7 pages out from the end I wanted to put it down again. This book is ROUGH on your emotions. It’s a painful and gut wrenching story that will fully break your heart. . . and it should absolutely be read by everyone. Five Stars.

– @NikaleighReads

I strongly stand by that caption. I wrote it the second I finished that book. I remember just having the gut feeling that something big was coming and WOW did it come. It totally flipped my reading experience on it’s head.

This book was deep and affecting and knowing that it was based in fact made it an even more impactful experience. Even thinking about the book now still elicits an emotional response and it’s a great reminder that we have to face the truth of our history and really work to understand it. Knowing how deep the experience of reading this was for me (I’m a pretty comfortable middle class white girl), I can’t even being to imagine what reading this would be like for someone of color.

This book is undoubtedly one of the best of the year for me and one I will continue to recommend for years to come.