Ask Again, Yes!

Overall Rating: loved it! ❤️

Heres Why:

Ask Again, Yes isn’t a cop story as the description might imply, though the characters profession as police officers is central to the storyline. It’s about two neighboring famlies who, by chance and tradgey, are tied together for the rest of their lives.

I always have a hard time writing about contemporary fiction without giving away too much so I’ll say this: This book was like if they did an ‘after dateline’ documentry where they follow the families of the offender and victim for 20 years after the event.

The book hosts themes of mental health, forgivness, and growth with a bit of coming of age. It’s 400 pages left me feeling like I had just experienced two decades along side these famlies – living all their trials and tribulations right along side them. So if you’re someone who loves to read because it give you the opprotunity to life in another persons shoes, this is going to hit all the marks for you.

So, do i recommend it? Yes!!! This book has a little bit of everything all supported by some of the best, most realisitic, character development I’ve read.

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