Overall Rating: liked it!

Here’s Why:

Winterwood is a YA low fantasy novel that takes place in Fir Haven and the mystical woods surrounding it. Nora Walker has always had a special connection with the woods that have fostered so many haunted and magical tales, after all, they say her family is older than the woods themselves. What they don’t know is Nora has learned to respect the woods and only enters them on a full moon when the woods are sleeping.

On Nora’s journey into the woods she always finds lost things and on her last journey, she found Oliver Huntsman, one of the two boys who had gone missing from a local camp two weeks ago; but Oliver has no memory of the time he’s spent in the woods and no memory of how he got there.  

I found the story entertaining and easy to read. Winterwood has a fairytale like quality to it with it’s hints of magic and hidden secrets. The chapters alternate between Nora as she tries to uncover the mystery of what happened the night Oliver went missing and Oliver, as he struggles to come to terms with what he remembers. As with most fairytales, there were aspects that were expected as the story went on but it tied up with an ending that I didn’t see coming.

So, do I recommend it? Yes! This story was light and easy to read with a plot that perfectly suits it’s November release date.

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