That Night

Overall Rating: loved it! ❤️

A year before the story opens, Hailey’s boyfriend, Declan, committed suicide. She remembers that day in bits and pieces. She remembers it was Valentine’s Day, she remembers texting Declan’s step-brother asking if he saw him, she remembers thinking he was sick and bringing soup over to the house after school, and she remembers when Declan’s step-dad opened up their back shed and found his body. What she can’t remember is the five weeks before the suicide – something happened in that five weeks, she’s certain of it. Declan never would have killed himself.

I spent my entire Saturday binge reading this book and HOLY CRAP was it good! Each chapter alternates in timeline, the first beginning with present day and the second starting about a year and a half before the events of That Night. The chapters from the past show us the buildup of Declan and Hailey’s relationship and slowly reveal Hailey’s lost memories from the weeks before his death. The present day chapters lead us through Hailey’s struggle to cope and assimilate back to her normal life while trying to figure out what really happened to Declan and piece together her shattered friendships. Creative, complex, page-turning, unexpected – this book was all of these things.

So Do I recommend it? Yes! If you’re in the mood for a modern, fast paced thriller this is the one for you.

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