Brooklyn Bruja Series

Overall Rating: liked it! 🌟

Here’s Why:

The Brooklyn Bruja Series is currently comprised of two books, Labyrinth Lost and the recently released Bruja Born. The Series begins with Alex, the most powerful bruja (or witch) of her generation but not only does Alex not understand her power, she resents it.

On her Deathday, an initiation day all brujas go through when they come into their power, she casts a spell to send her powers back to the gods – except it goes horribly wrong. When Alex recovers from the recoil of her magic she finds that her entire family has disappeared and the only person left to help her is a mysterious brujo that she doesn’t quite trust.

In a style similar to the Cinder Series – each book is told from the perspective of a different character. In this case, Labyrinth Lost is told from the perspective of Alex and the story line continues through the eyes of Lula, Alex’s sister, in Bruja Born.

I really enjoyed the low fantasy style of mixing magic into the real word and found each of these books to be fast paced and fun. I started reading the first book on my train ride home from Bookcon, fell asleep reading it that night, then finished it the next day. My experience with Bruja Born wasn’t any different. Entertaining and light, I think these make a perfect fit to throw a little magic into your day at the beach.

Do I recommend it? Maybe. I thoroughly enjoyed this series and if you’re into magical realism and looking for a light YA read you’re going to enjoy this too. But if you’re someone who likes all your characters to have a complex and deep back story, you aren’t going to find it here.

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