Overall Rating: loved it! ❤️

Here’s Why:

Imagine waking up one morning with a headache, bloody nose, and a whole lifetime of memories that don’t fit the reality you just woke up in. Maybe you remember living in a different state, you remember your spouse, your child, all so real like you were just holding them yesterday; but you remember this life too. You remember that you’re single, you’ve never had any kids, you don’t own a business – you’re a high level corporate worker . . . but they both feel so real.

This phenomenon is called “False Memory Syndrome” and it’s been affecting random people throughout the city. It’s a condition so bizarre that when NYPD officer, Barry Sutton, unsuccessfully responds to a FMS suicide call he becomes obsessed with the syndrome that’s driving people mad; only to dangerously learn that these memories aren’t false at all – they’re both real.

I’m not exactly sure how to begin describing this book. I keep going back to saying it’s what I would expect the outcome to be if we locked the world’s best philosopher, neuroscientist, and physicist in a room together and fed them shrooms for a week. If you’ve read Blake Crouch’s book Dark Matter, you know exactly the kind of mind-f***ery he excels at in his writing. Time travel, alternate dimensions, time isn’t linear – it’s a circle; or is it a more of a cluster map? I don’t know. What I do know is Blake Crouch is a sci-fi genius. His thriller-like writing style made it impossible for me to put this book down. I kept turning page after page, fittingly, losing all track of time. With there being so much hype around this book I’m happy to say not only did it deliver, it fully exceeded my expectations.

So, Do I recommend it?: Yes! In fact, I think you should move it right to the top of your summer reading list.

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