The Last Time I Lied

Overall Rating: LIKED it! 🌟

With all the hype surrounding last time lied, I picked it up from Book Of The Month with high expectations – did it live up to them?

Nikaleigh’s Synopsis:

Fifteen years after a tragedy forced the elite Camp Nightingale to close its doors and Emma Davis, a, is still haunted by the events of that night. Now a well-known artist, her paintings hide the faces of her friends who disappeared. As her celebrity rises, her paintings capture the attention of the camps former owner, Francesca Harris-White, who divulges to Emma her plans to finally reopen Camp Nightingale and asks her to join them as an instructor.

Emma’s hesitance to return is overpowered by her curiosity. Drawn to figure out what really happened that night, she returns to the camp. Soon, she finds herself surrounded by things that are eerily familiar. The lake, the cabins – all unchanged. When strange things begin to happen, Emma begins to question what’s real and what’s in her head. She’s convinced herself she’s going crazy – until another set of girls goes missing.

Nikaleigh’s Thoughts:

In all honesty, the first third of this book felt a bit drawn out to me. I found myself questioning when things were going to start happening and even almost put the book down when it finally started to pick up around page 150. I’m glad I stuck through the slow build because once the plot started roll, it snowballed itself right into a major twist at the end.

The Last Time I Lied’s lively characters and page turning plot has gotten a lot of well-deserved praise from the book community. If you’re a fan of mysteries and thrillers this is a book you will definitely enjoy once you get to the meat of the story.

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