Dear Mrs. Bird

Overall Rating: Loved it! ♥️

I had such a good experience with my last audio book that I decided to have a go at another, this time having an even better experience. Being a sucker for historical fiction as it is, I was already eyeing up Dear Mrs. Bird as a prospective read. Less than an hour into the audio version, I was pleasantly taken aback by the liveliness that audiobook brought to the story.

Nikaleigh’s Synopsis:

Dear Mrs. Bird follow’s Emmy, a 20-something women living in 1940’s London with dreams of being a Lady War Correspondent. Though her dreams feel farfetched, her ambition lunges her into the first opportunity that arises, however, the job she applies for turn out to not be at all what she had thought.

Emmy finds herself working as typist for the very judgmental and proper advice columnist, Mrs. Henrietta Bird. While Emmy tries her best to follow the rules, she quickly grows sympathetic to all the women whose letters Mrs. Bird have deemed “unpleasant”. Impatient to Mrs. Bird’s shrewdness, Emmy secretly begins responding to the letters on behalf of unsympathetic boss.

Nikaleigh’s Thoughts:

Being someone who prefers to read physical books, I have to admit, the audiobook version of Dear Mrs Bird provided a sense of realism that may have been missed had I read the print version. The narrator did an incredible job at bringing each of the characters to life. Her accent and style of speech pulls you right into 1940’s London and immerses you into the well-paced storyline.

The novel’s plot was slow building but in a way that made you want to keep going, gaining more and more momentum as the narrative went on, thick with themes of the times growing feminism. There are parts of this story that will rip at your heart and that will open your eyes to the terror and dread of living in a war-ravaged nation all while bringing light to the strength of those who fought to maintain some normalcy in their life though their future was uncertain.

Much like the lives of those living in London during World War II, Dear Mrs. Bird was both heavy and light. It will transport you to a time and world that only lives in the imagination for most of us alive today and it is truly an incredible experience.

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