The Summer Wives

Overall Rating: LOVED it! ♥️

I picked up The Summer Wives as part of my July Book of The Month picks and as usual, BOTM has hit a home run!

Nikaleigh’s Synopsis

In the summer of 1951, an expectantly happy event turns Miranda Schuyler’s life upside down. After becoming windowed during World War II, Miranda’s mother is finally getting remarried; and the anticipated event is taking place on the exclusive Winthrop Island where her future step-father, Hugh Fisher, has his summer home. With the help of her new step-sister, Miranda is thrust into a world of social status and secretes – much of which makes her decidedly uncomfortable.

In the whirlwind that is her new life, Miranda finds herself drawn to the son of a working-class family, and year-round Winthrop residents; but what should have been an exciting summer romance sets in motion an upheaval of the Island’s quietude. Now, 18-years later, Miranda returns to the Island and her estranged family to find that it’s residents have still not forgotten that summer.

Nikaleigh’s Thoughts

This Summer Wives was enchanting and dynamic with just the right about of complexity. I love when a novel has a well done, nonlinear timeline and The Summer Wives excelled in its delivery. The chapters switching between 1951 and 1969, as well as a few changes in point of view, added to the story’s mystery and intrigue.

I also appreciated the way the nonlinear timeline added to the character’s development. You watch as Miranda goes from a cautious, doe-eyed teen to a courageous, confident, and unapologetic woman. Whereas the opposite was true for her step-sister, who began the story whimsical and carefree but ends up restrained and guarded. The storyline serves as an excellent example of how life experiences can truly change a person.

The Summer Wives’s themes of growth and redemption mixed in with a whole lot of scandal will, without a doubt, appeal to a very broad range of readers.

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Bookly Stats:

Note: I accidentally hit pause during my last reading session and didn’t notice until I had finished the book – I did not read 172 pages per hour.