Clock Dance

Overall Rating: LIKED it! 🌟

I decided to try something a little different for this read and try my luck with an audiobook. I’ve always been reluctant to try audiobooks because I tend to get easily distracted but being an avid podcast listener, I thought – it can’t be that different. To my surprise, I was able to follow along just fine, and I’m so happy to have found a way to fit more reads in my schedule. For my first audiobook, I chose Clock Dance.

Nikaleigh’s Synopsis

(These are not spoilers, all this information is included in the book’s synopsis)

Clock Dance takes you through the life of Willa Drake. Starting with her childhood at 11-years-old, we learn about her relationship with her parents and sister. In the 1970’s we get a glimpse into her college life and a relationship that’s asking her to give up her studies for marriage. In 1997 we read through the death of her first husband, and now in 2017, we watch how she finally takes control of her own life.

When Willia mistakenly gets an emergency phone call from her son’s ex-girlfriend’s neighbor, Willa picks up and flies cross-country to Baltimore to help take care of her son’s ex and her little girl. A rash and split decision that sets in motion events that helps teach Willa what it is she wants in life

Nikaleigh’s thoughts

I enjoyed the author taking the time to write a few chapters about the key moments in Willa’s life. Though the main part of the story would certainly have held up on its own, the insight into her childhood, early adult life, and the loss of her first husband added meaningfulness to Willa’s character and gave us an understanding of the significance of Willa’s decisions in the 2017 chapters.

There is an ongoing theme in the earlier chapters that highlight the way Willa’s decisions were always made for her. Even now her husband continues to try and force her hand, but for the first time in her life, Willa was making decisions because she wants to make them, not because she feels she should. Now in her late 50’s – early 60’s she’s finally come out of her shell and finds more happiness and appreciation in perfect strangers than she has ever received from her family.

It’s a story of self-discovery and proof that it’s never too late to do what gives you purpose and makes you happy.

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