5 Tips to Get Through Your TBR List

We all have it, that pile of unread books on the shelf. You know, the one we keep adding to every time a really interesting new release comes out? Today I wanted to share my top 5 tips to work your way through it and help slow it’s growth in the process.
1.    Make a list monthly list and keep those books together – At the end of each month, I make a list of books I want to read for next month. Some months are more ambitious than others but regardless of how long my list is, I make sure to keep all those books together. Doing this not only makes it easier to move onto your next book, but it’s also motivating to see that pile getting smaller.
2.    Track your reading for motivation – I use two apps to monitor my reading: Bookly and Goodreads. What I love about the Bookly app is that it tracks each of your reading sessions and uses that to estimate how much more time you have left in that particular book. With each book you finish, the app generates an infographic summarizing your reading time, speed, and most pages / time spent reading in a day. (Check out the bottom of my review posts for an example) BONUS: You can also use the app to create a daily reading reminder!

The Goodreads app is another great way to track your progress while reading, but I tend to use Goodreads more to track my progress towards my yearly goal.  It doesn’t matter what method you choose to use, as long as it motivates you! 
3.    Limit your book purchases by setting goals – Cutting back on buying books is by far the hardest and most necessary part of getting through your TBR.  I recently started implementing a new system to help me with this and its been working! Here’s how: Set yourself a goal and only purchase a new book once you’ve reached it. (Easier said than done, I know!) For me, I’m holding off on new buys until I’ve crossed another five books off my TBR.
4.    Don’t forget: every minute counts! – I regularly get asked how I manage to read so much with a full-time job, and the truth is, I fit it in where I can. Thanks to the Bookly app, I’ve learned that it takes me, on average, 4 hours to finish a book. That’s an easy book a week if you can squeeze in a half hour of reading a day. Got a spare 15 minutes while waiting at the doctor’s office? Significant other watching a show you’re not really interested in? There’s plenty of opportunity to crack open a book for a few minutes a day. I can often be spotted with a book propped up on the stair-mill or tucked away in the break room on my lunch break.
5.    Carry your book with you – to feed off of number 4, the best way to make every minute count is to make sure you keep your current read on you. I throw mine in my bag each morning just in case I get a minute to jump back into the story.

Do you have more tips on how to get through your growing TBR pile? Share them in the comments!