All We Ever Wanted

Overall Rating: LOVED it! ♥️

Author Emily Griffin has a HUGE following. She’s popular among both avid and leisurely readers, and I’m so disappointed I hadn’t read any of her work sooner. I owe a big THANK YOU to my friend Sharon (check out her blog at here) for insisting that I read one of her books because I am now an official member of the Emily Griffin hype train.

Nikaleigh’s Synopsis:

Nina Browning has lived her fairytale. A middle-class girl who married her college sweetheart, a son who they were able to afford the best for and whom Princeton University has just accepted into their freshman class – she’s comfortable and happy. Content that she’s done the very best she could.

But Nina’s whole world changes when her son’s drunken decision throws her life into disarray. In a split second, one moment is left opening her eyes to who the people closet to her really are and the incomprehensible lengths they’ll go through to deceive her.

Nikaleigh’s Thoughts:

Penguin Random House has this novel categorized as Women’s Fiction, Literary Fiction, and Contemporary Romance – though I don’t necessarily agree with the romance part. I get a particular idea in my mind when I think of a romance novel, and this doesn’t fit the bill. I’d group it more as general contemporary fiction.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest – I LOVED this book! I always know when I’m going to give a book a “Loved it!” rating when I lose track of time while I’m reading it. I read about 40 pages in my first sitting before I was interrupted but the second time I picked it up, 3 hours had passed, and I was turning the final page.

Emily Griffin has a way of making her characters feel authentic. There is a certain level of relatability I only get when reading great contemporary fiction (which is why it’s my favorite genre) and Griffin nails it.She writes about real-world struggles, situations many of us have experienced ourselves, and has a way of bringing out the sincere, raw emotion that they awaken. Her characters could be your neighbor, your child, your best friend, or even yourself.

If ever you find yourself wanting to feel what it’s like to walk in another person’s shoes – read this book.

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