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Thank you to Alyssa Grace over at Serendipitous Reads for nominating me for this tag! Make sure you head over to her blog and check it out! I think this is a great way to share a little more about yourself and connect with other bloggers! 🙂

Tag Rules:

  1. Share the link of the blogger who nominated you
  2. Answer their questions
  3. Share some love with the blogging community by nominating 8-12 people
  4. Ask three questions for your nominee

Alyssa’s Questions:

  1. Hardcovers or paperbacks?

I recently answered this question in my 20 questions post and my answer remains: Hardcover. They just hold up better and have a longer lifespan. Books are meant to be shared and passed down and you just don’t get the same longevity out of a paperback. I do buy paperback because of the cost but if I can get a good deal on a hardcover I’ll always choose it over paperback.

2. Which fictional character do you love that you think would be horrible in real life?

Easy – Emily Charlton from The Devil Wears Prada / When Life Gives you Lululemons . She is, without a doubt, the definition of  a boss-b*itch. The type of women you want on your side and don’t ever want to cross. She’s fierce, unwavering, and loyal – however – were I to meet in her in real life, I think I’d find her and her elitist attitude towards the way people dress to be insufferable.

3. In your opinion, what’s a book that has a cover much better than its content, or vice versa?

For me, I’d have to say this was The Hazel Wood. I LOVED the cover of this book, and after reading it and realizing that the cover art sort of walks you through the story in a way, I loved it even more. Now – I did enjoy the book its self but the cover art and the story it tells just wowed me!

I Nominate:

A Cosy Reader / Jennifer Tarheel Reader / Aurora Librialis / Mackenzie / My One Thousand Lives Blog /  Jen Acide By Bibliophile / The Printed Girl / The Girl With All The Books / Lady B Reads

My Questions:

1. Share a little more about yourself! What hobbies do you have outside of reading / blogging?

2. Which three books have been your favorite so far this year?

3. Which genre is your favorite and which challenges you and why?



PS –

Id love if you took the time to check out the blogs I’ve nominated – they’re all stunning and run by such talented writers! Also, feel free to participate even if I haven’t tagged you! ♥️