Summer of Salt

Overall Rating: Liked it! 🌟

I heard of Summer of Salt while watching a youtube video about summer reads. While I can’t remember the account I saw the video on, I can tell you that the review was so outstanding that I immediately hopped on Amazon and ordered the book.

Nikaleigh’s Synopsis:

The story takes place in a small beach town. A town so small, it’s only accessible by ferry, there is only one school, one library, one grocery store . . . You get the point; and like every small town, By-The-Sea has its unspoken secrets. Though it isn’t said, the Fernweh women have a reputation. Generation after generation of women who have never left the island, supposedly because its what gives them their powers.

Twins Mary and Georgina Fernweh have had a pretty normal upbringing for two girls from a small town, and this summer started off like any other, helping their mother prep their inn (the only inn) before the usual explosion of tourist that flocked to their little island every season.Β  Except this summer wasn’t like any other. What was supposed to be their last taste of home before college, ended up riddled with a tragedy that shook their little island at its core; and for the first time,Β  Mary and Georgina find themselves having to defend themselves against the suspicions that surrounded their family.

Nikaleigh’s Thoughts:

To me, Summer of Salt drew a lot of parallels to one of my favorite movies: Practical Magic – the sisterly bond, the beach town filled with legends of generations of witches. I pictured Georgina and Mary as younger versions of Salley and Gillian – or maybe another line in their family tree. Honestly, the comparison is probably one of the reasons I enjoyed the story so much.

The first 1/3 of the book moves a bit slow but once it picks up, you’re all in. You’ll quickly find yourself flipping the pages, anxious to solve the many mysteries of By-The-Sea.

If you’re looking for a light beach-read with a bit of magic, this is one to keep on your radar. I read it in just a few hours as part of the #8intwo challenge last weekend, a mini-readathon that challenges you to read 8 hours in two days.Β  (You can see exactly how long it took me in the Bookly Stats below)

** Since Summer of Salt is published by Harper Teen and categorized as young adult, I think it is important to mention that it does touch on some more adult topics, and I wouldn’t recommend it for readers under 15 or 16.

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