The Queen of Blood

Overall Rating: Loved it! ♥️

For some reason, I never think of fantasy when asked about my favorite genres; which is odd because its the one that seems to suck me in the most. It encompasses so many of the characteristics I love from other fiction genres but with an added magical twist – I need to be reaching for it more! I had this epiphany about 12 pages into reading The Queen of Blood; right around the same time I knew I’d be purchasing the next two books in the Queens of Renthia series.

Nikaleigh’s Synopsis:

In the world of Renthia, all of nature has a spirit; every tree, every drop of water, every flame dancing on the tip of a candle. Except in Renthina, these spirits aren’t peaceful like so many cultures in our world believe them to be. In Renthina, the spirits are vengeful and cruel, bloodthirsty to eliminate humankind.
There is just one person powerful enough to maintain peace and control the spirits, Renthina’s Queen. Its for this reason that every girl and women born with an affinity to control spirits are tested. If they pass, their adolescence is spent training, honing their skills in hopes to become one of the Queen’s heirs. Bred to replace her at a moments notice because without a queen, there is only chaos; and right now, it seems the Queen may be losing control.

Nikaleigh’s Thoughts:

I thoroughly enjoyed the world created for this novel and the way it so heavily played into the story’s plot.  The relationship between the spirits and humans is both symbiotic and destructive, drawing a parallel to our own relationship with nature and adding an unexpected element of relatability to this fantasy world.

There are a lot of elements going on in this novel which make it appealing to a broad range of readers. It’s a bit of a coming-of-age underdog story with themes of egalitarianism and a whole lot of magic.

Whether you’re a long-time fantasy reader or merely want to dip your toes into a genre that’s different for you – this is a story you’re going to enjoy.

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