Social Creature

Overall Rating: Liked it! 🌟

I picked-up Social Creature on Amazon after seeing so many great reviews for it all over Instagram. It didn’t disappoint.

Nikaleigh’s Synopsis:

Louise is just your average, run-of-the-mill person – late 20’s, working multiple jobs to make rent on her NYC apartment. She may even be a bit of a recluse, based on some people’s standards, that is until she meets Lavinia.

Lavinia is everything that Louise wants to be: blonde, rich, and wildly popular. A free spirit with absolutely no boundaries. When Lavinia decides Louise is her new best friend, Louise plunges right into her lavish world full of late nights, parties, clothes, and no responsibilities. Except, Louise can’t maintain it. Not without Lavinia. When Lavinia decides it’s time for a new BFF, their toxic relationship turns dangerous.

Nikaleigh’s Thoughts:

Social Creature was one of those books that you just can’t help but to read in one long binge session. It pulls you right into Louise and Lavina’s world and moves as fast paced as their lifestyle.

A story so twisted, you won’t realize how absorbed you’ve become. You’ll put this book down to find you’ve formed an unhealthy sympathy for Louise and her decisions because let’s face it, Lavinia would have done the same to you.

If you’re looking for a fast-paced thriller to read at the beach or poolside this summer, this is for you – but make sure you set an alarm to reapply that SPF or you’ll end up a crispy lobster like I did.

Social Creature is available for purchase on Amazon: Social Creature

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