The Hazel Wood

Overall Rating: LIKED it! 🌟

I picked up The Hazel Wood at The Tattered Cover Book Store while I was out in Colorado. It’s the debut novel for author Melissa Albert and has received some pretty rave reviews, so, when I happened across it I figured I’d give it a read for myself!

Nikaleigh’s Synopsis:

Alice and her mother have had a bit of a rough life. Constantly moving from place to place, it took a while for Alice to realize they weren’t moving for fun – they were hiding from something. She fantasizes about what life might be like if they could live on her grandmother’s estate – The Hazel Wood. Except Alice has never met her famous, cult-fairytale author, grandmother and her mother scarcely spoke of her.

When Alice and her mother receive a mysterious letter saying her grandmother has passed away – her mother is sure this is the end of all their bad luck but she couldn’t have been more wrong. Alice’s mother goes missing and the characters from her grandmother’s dark tales begin stalking her – trying to bring her home.

Nikaleigh’s Thoughts

The story draws on the feeling a reader experiences when reading a well-written book: like you’re on the outskirts of another world peeking in. – you’ll better understand how when you read it for yourself but this connection was one that really stood out to me – and I thought it was incredibly clever. When you finish The Hazel Wood you realize you’ve just read a long, dark, twisted fairytale; one that could have been taken right out of Althea’s own book. My one reservation about this book was the ending, I simply wasn’t satisfied with it. However, I can appreciate why the author went in the direction that she did; this isn’t your typical fairytale.

If you’re a fan of the TV show Once Upon A Time, this is a book that you will truly enjoy.

The Hazle Wood is available for purchase through my Amazon storefront! The Hazle Wood

Have you read this book or plan on picking it up? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!