June TBR

So I’m a few days late on this post because I was waiting for as many of my orders to come in as possible but here it is! My June line up!

1. China Rich Girlfriend (Finished!)

2. Rich People Problems (In Progress)

3. Salt Houses

4. The Narrow Road to The Deep North

5. The Hazle Wood

6. The Book of Essie

7. When Life Gives You Lululemon’s (Not pictured – my order hasn’t arrived yet)

8. Poets, Artists, Lovers (Not pictured – ebook)

9. A Slave of the Shadows (Finished but not pictured – check out the review in my last post!)

I usually average 5-6 books a month so this is an ambitious month for me! Fingers crossed I get through it! 🀞🏼😁

What’s on your June TBR list? Are you reading any of the same books? Let me know in the comments!