A Slave of the Shadows

Overall Rating: LIKED it! 🌟

I received this copy of A Slave in the Shadows from Net Galley and Huntson Press Inc. It is the first novel for author Naomi Finley and the first book in its series of four. The second book, Guardian of Slaves, is due to release early winter 2019.

Nikaleigh’s Synopsis:

Willow Hendricks is a fiery spirit. She’s outspoken, intelligent, and tenacious. Qualities that are quite dangerous for a women in Charleston in the 1850’s. Her father tries his best to keep her abolitionist views quiet; for her own safety. Though he’s one of the few plantation owns who treats his slaves with dignity, she resents him for not doing more – not quite understanding the danger of her own outspokenness.

When Whitney Barry moves into town from Boston, she finally finds herself an ally. Whitney is another strong women, one who’s had to find her strength on her own terms: at the hands of her cruel and abusive father.

Whitney and Willow soon become an egalitarian force to be reckoned with, but not without first facing just how cruel and heartless the south really is.

Nikaleigh’s Thoughts:

This novel told an absolutely beautiful story and the authors writing style truly brought the time period and characters to life.

It would leave me feeling amazed that a man as shy as him could have a laugh that started from his toes and worked its way all the way up until it filled the air around you with an inexplicable happiness.

The connection between Willow and her slaves was palpable, her conviction felt real – yet the plot felt slow. It wasn’t until around the 50% mark where the storyline began to pick up. It was only the authors eloquence in setting the scene that kept me reading through the first half.

While I do wish the pace of the first half of this book better matched that of the second half and prologue, I do understand that first books in a series can tend to have a slower build. For this reason, along with the authors writing style, I decided to give this read a LIKED it! instead of a So-So rating. The novel certainly did redeem itself in the second half for me and I believe this would greatly appeal to anyone who is interested in historical fiction.