I’ll Be Gone In The dark

Overall Rating: LIKED it!🌟

I’ll Be Gone in The Dark was written by the late Michelle McNamara. Following her passing, the novel was completed by her publishers and husband with help from her draft notes as well as references to her previous works.

The novel depicts the murders and rapes carried out by the, then unidentified, Golden State Killer. She pieces together information about the cases and victims using interviews, evidence, and assistance from those involved in the case– past and present.  Michelle takes us on her investigation along with her, giving us insight into her own obsession with the case and the thoughts she has while trying to uncover an answer law enforcement has been trying to get for nearly 40 years.

Unexpectedly, the depiction of the crimes in this book gave me nightmares and I quickly learned that reading this novel at night was not a good idea. Upon the identification and arrest of the GSK on April 26th, 2018, I learned that this man was living only two blocks away from my sister and niece; bringing a personal tie to an already terrifying story.  It’s easy sometimes to forget that these crimes were real but when you remember – it makes it all the more chilling. It’s alarming to sit back and think that there are people like this out in the world but I’m thankful for the people like Michelle, who work to maintain attention to these cold cases, and to the law enforcement, who continue to work on them decades later when it seems like there’s nothing left to uncover.