The Perfect Mother

Overall rating: LIKED it!🌟

I recently learned The Perfect Mother has been picked up for a film adaptation starring, the ridiculously talented, Kerry Washington. If that doesn’t convince you off-the-bat that this book is a must read, then I hope my review will sway you in the right direction.

The Perfect Mother is written from multiple view points focused around a group of women who call themselves the “May Mothers”: a mommy support group of women whose due dates were all in May. These women form a bond throughout their pregnancies, relating on a level that only they could understand – but they still had secrets. The story begins to focus around Winnie after she’s reluctantly convinced to join the other women for a night out. When she returns home, her baby is gone.

At some point in the book I made an assumption about who the nameless first-person was in the beginning chapter. I like to believe Aimee Molloy is a genius who put me on that track intentionally because it was that assumption that made the ending one I was genuinely not expecting. I loved the pace of this book and the way secret after secret was reveled, keeping you engaged but never really giving you the answer. The Perfect Mother was the perfect mother’s day thriller. It’s rare that I’ve been truly shocked and surprised at the end of a book but this one delivered all the way. Theres a reason its been called one of the most anticipated books of the summer.

The Perfect Mother was my third and final Book of the Month pick for May.