How To Walk Away

Overall Rating: LOVED it! ♥️

How to Walk Away by Katherine Center was one of my May selections from Book of The Month where it was described as “A heartwarming story of a young woman forced to reckon with what—and who—truly matters in life.” but after just the first few pages it was evident that this description only just scratches the surface of how beautiful this book is.

Katherine Center’s novels have an unmistakable theme of hope, happiness, and moving forward that carried over exquisitely into How to Walk Away . The story’s main character, Margaret, is a beautiful, well-educated, 20-something with an immensely bright future ahead of her. Margaret’s future was playing out exactly how she’s always hoped: she just landed her dream job and a proposal from her equally ambitious fiancé. When a tragic accident throws her entire life into disarray – Margaret is left to make impossible decisions about her future and the people in it.

I absolutely adored this book. The story flows beautifully from opening to end and with the perfect about of realism, you can’t help but become invested in the characters. You’ll find yourself rooting them along, hating those who hurt them, and wishing you could jump in the pages to support them as though they were a part of your own inner circle. This is a true heart happy book that may have just stole the number 1 spot for me in 2018.

Book Count: 22/52